Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of


Last night, I dreamt I caused people who wanted to interview me to change their minds and not interview me. Then, in the same dream, I proceeded to give the worst library instruction session of y enter career.

This is what I get for reviewing today’s instruction before bed.

The One and Only Time I Wish My Home Computer Was a PC

Data Analysis, Projects
Screenshot of worksheet in Excel 2008 for Mac

Suddenly, it feels like 2008 was a long time ago.

We will not use this blog as a forum for Mac vs. PC mudslinging. At home, I am a Mac user, have been for years, and I have had really good experiences with all my Mac computers. When I had a PC, I several bad experiences involving hours spent on the phone with ill-tempered Windows support techs. There’s the beginning and the end of it.

Moving on to the purpose of this post:

I had a “I’ll do it!!!” moment the last day before spring break, which resulted in me bringing home a web analytics/data analysis project. I love web analytics, but I do not love working with Excel for Mac. Most of my number crunching happens at work, on work computers. As a result, I have gotten very accustomed to, dare I say spoiled by, the elegance of Excel for Windows. Especially because we have a recent version.

I am very happy mucking about in our analytics, but wrangling with Excel for Mac is like knitting Shetland lace with broomsticks. None of the keyboard shortcuts I want are there, all of the features that have floated to the ribbon in Excel 2007 are still buried in menus, and the formula bar *floats*. This is going to take a while…

Not Just a Game

Science, Trends

This is pretty cool: a videogame that is actually scientific research:

If you’d like to read more, or you’re just an aural learner, check out what NPR has to say.