Concrete tower with bright flowers

Seen this place before?

Blogs with continuity are really good. They tell stories, like little soap operas (hopefully with more normalcy). Each new installation picks up where the old one left off, characters return, and you, the reader, gets to watch the story develop.

I am here today to tell you that this is not that kind of blog. Not yet, anyways. At this time, I am lurching from anecdote to news item to quick shared link, and failing at completing long posts. I wish I wasn’t: I like blogs with continuity. But this little blog is still finding its way into my social media ecosystem.

The start is always a little rocky, more so when we try to make it look marvelous and simple, and I am sorry for that.

Today I’m trying to make my little room pretty with flowers, and perking it up with a Twitter feed. Twitter is also a new shoot in the ecosystem.

While you wait, and wonder when that whole continuity thing will happen, tell me–have you seen that building now featured in the header before?

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