Oh the Dread

Interviewing, Job Hunting

Of interviewing. I put my heart and soul into wanting a job, do the interview, agonize for weeks over every little thing I said, and then, weeks later, a thin little envelope comes in the mail.

It leads me to think that I interview badly. One thing that keeps sheer panic from setting in is walking through the questions I expect to be asked. I had been working off a list collected from former interviews, but it’s not comprehensive, so to beef it up a little bit I did some searching and found the following useful sources:

This page from Northwestern University appears to be geared towards undergraduates seeking a first job or graduate degree, but I like how they have the questions broken down into categories. Based on the fact that I have gotten some variant on most of the Personal and Behavioral category questions before, I’d say those questions don’t change much as you progress through your career.


This page from the University of South Carolina library school, while a bit of an information dump, has good project-related questions that apply to a variety of academic library positions.


How do you prepare for an interview?

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