Photo of Allison RingnessHello!

I am Allison Ringness, a librarian in progress.

My training is in Digital Information Management, and most recently I served as Digital Initiatives Librarian at Kansas State University.  There I led the Digital Initiatives Unit in transforming fragile and  hard-to-access materials into digital collections that support Kansas State University’s teaching and research missions.  I also collaborated with colleagues in Metadata, the Archives, and IT to write policy and build a sustainable digital program.

I decided I wanted to become a librarian when I was eight, and although there was a brief period where archaeologist seemed more appealing, I never truly changed my mind. It took me a while to complete grade school and all that, but in 2010, I graduated from University of Arizona with my Master’s in Library Science (with a Bachelor’s in, what else, Anthropology.). My initial plan to study preservation and work in Special Collections was sideswiped in my first library class by a stellar guest lecture by Peter Botticelli, then head of the Digital Information Management certificate at University of Arizona, and I completed my graduate certificate in Digital Information Management in 2012.

On this site, I blog (infrequently) about a variety of topics. I might share resources related to my work in digital information management, reblog relevant information from some of the library and information blogs I follow, comment on the representation of librarians and information in pop culture, or simply reflect on the process of being a librarian.

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