Map-based visualization of US West

  • Awareness of tools and methods for building network and geographic visualizations
  • Experience creating basic geographic visualizations

I am new to the world of visualizations. This January, I ran full-tilt into the course Introduction to Digital and Computational Methods in the Humanities. As a librarian, I was thrilled by discussions of metadata, digital preservation, and information ethics. As a student, I was challenged to learn a new suite of tools and a new mode of framing research questions.

That nifty little map at the top of the page is one of the products of my semester research project. My project examined the usefulness of geographic visualizations for library web analytics. While I got to build some MapsData maps, I feel like the best part of this class was learning how to work on a DH team, identifying the points in the process where I needed a programmer, or a computer scientist, or simply another brain to pick, and collaborating with my team to bring the project to fruition.

Coming soon: Visualizations, Round Two.