First Posts Are Awkward


First posts are invariably awkward.  I have been a blogger for many years now–six?  Seven?  Writing the first post is always fraught with anxiety and indecision, and comes out sounding…just awkward.

It’s like going on a first date, or interviewing for a job.  You want to put your best foot forward, but don’t know what to say.  You don’t want to sound horribly boring, but not cringingly glib either.  You haven’t built any history or common ground, so you don’t know what will come off well and what will go over like a lead balloon. 

The one thing you do know is that you want it to go well.  After the date, interview, or first post is over, you will lie awake in bed wondering if you said the right things, if you’ll get a second date/interview/comment, and second-guessing all the things you might have done wrong (which are everything).

So let’s get this over with quickly.  I’m Allison.  I’m an academic librarian, and in this blog, I’ll post about things I find worthy of comment.  They might be library related, or information-related or culture-related.  Libraries store information which stores culture, so in the end it’s all related. 

Please take a gander, and chime in.  The most awkward moments are the ones where you pause for breath and realize your date/interviewer has been waiting to get a word in edgewise.