Data Management

Page of a ledger from the Columbian Exposition, 1893

  • Break down complex datasets for cleaning and standardization
  • Normalize data for import into relational databases
  • Customize data structure for visualization tools

  • Awareness of ethical and technical issues surrounding data
  • Awareness of government data sources
  • Experience processing Google Analytics data

  • Software/Tools: Microsoft Excel (Windows and Mac), MySQL

My work with data started small. I was an undergraduate, volunteering on the Cerro Portezuelo Ceramics Project at Arizona State University. The project manager sat me down at a computer next to a table filled with Pre-Columbian potsherds and showed me the project spreadsheet. One spreadsheet, documenting nearly a decade’s worth of work. “Select everything before you hit sort.”

I am proud to say that today I am a much more proficient user of Excel. Of course, data is changing too. I’ve been keeping an eye on the cool kids in Digital Humanities, and their world where everything can be data. For more on that, check out my Visualization page.